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Bricked Huawei Y541-U02

I have a Huawei Y541-U02 which is stuck on the Huawei logo with the error message 'Check download state last download may not be complete'.

The only way I get get it to restart is by removing the battery and re-inserting it.

I cannot enter recovery mode - tried Vol Up + Down + Power, Vol Down + Power and every time it just takes me to the Huawei logo screen.

Tried to reflash using Spreadtrum Tool - the only way I could get any response is by using Factory Download Tool (not with either Research Tool and Upgrade Tool) and having the Vol Down + Power pressed while plugging the phone to the USB port. When I do this, Spreadtrum Factory Download Tool downloads all the files and reports successful completion. However, when I power it on, again I get the same error message and logo screen.

Upon doing more checking I found out that this is a problem with corrupted eMMC in the phone.

Would appreciate if anyone can provide any suggestions or comments before I decide to chuck this phone in the rubbish bin.

Many thanks.
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