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How to write the IMEI number for android phone or windows phone based on MTK pla
USB driver download link:

1, install the SN_write_tool_exe_v2.1052.0.rar, namely “MTK 6516 SN write tool”
SN_write_tool_exe_v2.1052.0.rar  download link :

2.Double clikc the SN_STATION  tool .as below

[Image: SN_Write_station_tool3.jpg]

3.connect the mobile phone (without battery )with your PC via flash USB cable .make the necessary setting as blew one by one.

01 select the “write IMEI+backup nvram” ,as picture shown.

[Image: SN-Writer-Log.jpg]
SN Writer Log 

02: select “smartphone” (  by default ) :

[Image: Smartphone.jpg]
tick off Smartphone

03Confusedelect the “Meta mode”

04: your PC will set the COM port automatically when you plug in the Flash USB cable.

05 and 06: tick off  the “Check sum”  and “Dual IMEI “( if your phone is dual sim support)

[Image: IMEI-options.jpg]
IMEI options

07: click the “modem database “ button ,and click relative database, select the file which begin with “BPLG”

(For M98 ,fastcardtech offers 2 database : database for android UI and database for iphone UI .select according to your phone target interface )

Database download link :

[Image: data-base.jpg]

data base

[Image: data-base-2.jpg]

data base 2 

08: click the “AP database “ button , select the file which begin with “APDB” in the textbox

[Image: Database3.jpg]


09: tick off “set the clean boot ”

[Image: start-f6.jpg]

tick off “set the clean boot

10: Press the “START(F6)”

4.After press the “START(F6)” ,you will enter the windows as below

[Image: More-Imei-Input-console.jpg]
More Imei Input console 

5,you will start to input the IMEI number ,(if the phone is only solo sim support ,input only 1 IMEI number )then click OK button to comfirm .
(Open the phone ‘ backcover ,you will get the IMEI number in the inside lable .input as the lable shown.)
6. Plug in the battery ,long press the “Power on “key ,if  the scree show “Meta mode “ and  The big button “wirte result indicator” turn Green in the    the SN write tool ,the SN wirte succeed

[Image: IMEI-write-finish.jpg]
IMEI write finish 

7,so the IEMI wirte finished.Enter the *#06#  to get your IMEI number
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